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[Leen-Laal] Tabletop OC.

Comes from a relatively flat realm about the size of Europe. This world is surrounded by an unscalable stone wall built by The Guardians of The Wasteland, 4 millennia ago to contain a taint spreading trough the area. The sickness called 'The Madness' altered the nature of magic and the minds of all races. Almost none know of the Old World, and believe that The Wall is the edge of reality.
The Wall severed the realm from its physical plane. Now it's wearing and scraping against the fabrics of other realities.

Dekultisteria is a matriarchal cult of platonic "sisters" belonging to diffrent cells/schools of magic/"Mothers".
They worship a statue called "The All-Mother", standing in the middle of the realm atop the source of 'The Madness', their source of power.

Personal history:

Started training at Mother of Blades after her initiation(and subsequent brainwash and memory-wipe) at the age of 16.
Went after that quickly from Mother of Beasts to Mother of Dragons when her natural talents where discovered.
She was adopted by Grand Mother of Angels and underwent the year long (and painful process) of wing-growth.
To further aid her work among dragons, she was schooled in the art of pyromancy at Mother of Fire Angels.
(Winged humans require special training diffrent from that teached by Grand Mother of Fire)

She was burned by a dragon, lost her wings, fell and died.
The cult has means of reviving a human to a state of undeath. The person have all their memories and mental functions, but doesn't feel alive. They can’t feel the suns warmth or the caress of a spring breeze across her cheek. A mixture of post-death anxiety and existential crisis. Many take their life a second and final time.
They are called Dolls because of of the need of make up to cover up their dead skin.
A scratch? Paint it over.
An severy injury? Fix with plaster.
The embalming make up eventually becomes a cold layer of porcelain, with the remnants of a once alive women trapped inside.
Lnlaal spent a total of 20 years at Mother of Broken dolls and relearning all previous skills with her previous Mothers.
They sent her back out in the world dealing with dragon "diplomacy" when they thought her to be ready. She wasn't.
Fire was the only sensation that could reach her dried up core. Many lives where lost among the non-initiate.
She was sent back to Mother of Broken Dolls asylum.
Setting oneself ablaze, stop caring for ones exterior, and killing sufferers of Madness (and thus parts of their mana-pool) isn't accepted.

Another 6 years broken. Learning to control herself by studying other forms of magic at Grand Mother of Magic, she found her faith after 8 years.
Now 76 years old (45 years dead), she works with destroying doors in The Wall, severing their connection with the outside world, thus stopping The Guardians from being able to enter and interfere.
Knowledge of the outside is forbidden. No other apart from a select few may know about other worlds.

Curiosity made her open a small red wooden door. I was already destroyed. It should have been save.
But the door now led to a new location..
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